Logan Utah Temple Family Pictures

Oh how I love this crew! We got back 10 + years, and that's just on my side. ;) These two grew up with my husband! We love hanging out with them and seeing their sweet family grow. We did some hill rolling, duck finding, and found ourselves a nice hidden path on the South side of the Logan Temple! Their sweet boy was my little assistant with his own camera even. He helped me get some shots of Mom and her baby bump.

Next time they're in front of the camera it will be with a fresh (gender to be revealed!) baby! I know I'm excited, but I bet they're more excited ;) Thanks for such a fun night you guys!


Eight is Great! LDS Baptism Photography

how dapper is this dude? I love that 8 is great sessions are becoming a thing. and he ROCKED it. and can I tell you? eight year olds are fun to hang out with. they're silly but you can really talk to them! if you didn't know, we have two girls that are 4 and 2, so BOY + EIGHT is not my normal realm. 

I love this whole family and had such a great night hanging out with them. How do I keep getting so lucky? Thank you all for trusting me with your memories. You're wonderful.

if you want to know more about LDS baptisms, and why we wait until 8, here's an awesome little article on mormon.org.