Preston Idaho Family + Newborn Session

This cute family had a really wonderful day on Saturday. Two special events-an eight year old getting baptized and blessing a new baby! Perfect reason to grab someone with a camera. ;) Family dynamics are always so fun to me; I love seeing how everyone interacts with each other. This is such a happy, silly family! 

Pretty Ink - 2016 - Sept - Families - Gilbert-14.jpg
Pretty Ink - 2016 - Sept - Families - Gilbert-18.jpg

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Paige Maternity Session | Logan Utah Maternity Photographer | Tony Grove

Last night I traveled up a favorite canyon to a favorite spot in our wonderful Valley. Tony Grove has the most perfect setting for natural, moody photos! Quinn and Paige love to go out camping and be in nature so this was a perfect place for them to feel at ease and enjoy the evening.

Funny side note about Tony Grove; this was where my husband first told me he loved me. and I said thank you. (awkward pause) haha! it caught me off guard and I didn't know what to say! I did tell him I loved him a few days later. ;)



Pretty Ink - 2016 - August - Maternity - P&Q-93.jpg

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Utah Newborn Baby Boy Photography | Baby T

Do you have friends that you've just held onto with everything you can? this little dude is #3 to some of those people. His Mom is basically sister level in my life, and I'm so glad I got to photograph these sweet kiddos. They have such calm, kind demeanors and seeing how they interact was the best. Such a special way to spend time with them. Thank you for trusting me with these images, Chels.

the blurry shots are usually my most favorite.

the blurry shots are usually my most favorite.

that hand on his belly though. all the heart eyes!

that hand on his belly though. all the heart eyes!

Eight is Great! LDS Baptism Photography

how dapper is this dude? I love that 8 is great sessions are becoming a thing. and he ROCKED it. and can I tell you? eight year olds are fun to hang out with. they're silly but you can really talk to them! if you didn't know, we have two girls that are 4 and 2, so BOY + EIGHT is not my normal realm. 

I love this whole family and had such a great night hanging out with them. How do I keep getting so lucky? Thank you all for trusting me with your memories. You're wonderful.

if you want to know more about LDS baptisms, and why we wait until 8, here's an awesome little article on