Birthday Pictures at the Park | Logan Utah Family Photographer

WHAT A SWEETHEART! I love love love when parents get birthday pictures for their kiddos-it makes them feel so special and they love getting the extra attention. This sweet Taizlee was no exception. Getting to spend time with her and her wonderful family was such a treat. We even had Grandma and Grandpa along for our adventure; they were great at getting those extra sweet smiles for us.

The weather was absolutely perfect! This little park tucked away in the hills even gave us a horse to pet, dandelions to pick, invisible fish to feed, a nice COLD stream to dip our toes in (for a second ;) ). Thank you so much for such a fun night!

Pretty Ink-2017-May-Birthday-Taizlee-27.jpg
Pretty Ink-2017-May-Birthday-Taizlee-55.jpg